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Mobile glass partitions NAYADA-ICE

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  • improving the visual perception of space;
  • saving space in small rooms, maintaining the unity of space;
  • zoning of separate spaces in public places: hotels, beauty salons, restaurants;
  • ensuring comfortable working conditions in a team while maintaining isolation and confidentiality;
  • improving the ergonomics of the workplace in open space;
  • increasing employee productivity ratio.

Appearance of screens

The all-glass mobile screen ICE is a 10 mm glass on 2 legs. Supports can be painted in any RAL color.

Standard screen sizes

  • width 1100 mm;
  • height 1580 mm.

It is possible to make any other screen size, up to 1800 mm high.

Ease of use

The simplicity of design and concise form of the ICE all-glass screen make it universal in use.

The screen does not need to be fixed to the floor, walls or ceiling, it stands independently on 2 anti-tilt supports. The ICE screen can always be rearranged or rotated.

The ICE screen is a new word in mobile partitions.

Only safety tempered glass Omni Decor, satin, triplex is used for the screen.

satinato Black Perl Bronza Grey


  Barrier width 1100 mm
  Max height 1800 mm

Производитель: NAYADA

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