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Mobile partitions

NAYADA Mobile Partitions

A universal system of partitions based on the aluminum section.

NAYADA-Optima +>

Mobile partition system with max. height of 2.1 m.

Barrier width 1100 mm
Max height 1800 mm


Lavoro Acoustic>
Our assortment of office furniture has been supplemented by an actual novelty - partitions Lavoro Acoustic.
We will help you find partitions and advise you on all issues.

In contrast to fixed ones, mobile office partitions are not fastened to floor or ceiling. They comprise one or several modules joined by connective supports in a certain configuration. Mobile office partitions can be easily moved, dismantled and assembled in any other configuration. In addition, due to some design and decorative features, mobile office partitions are the ideal basis for workplaces arranging. The main advantage of mobile office partitions is the opportunity to maximize possibilities offered by office space.

More and more companies use OPEN SPACE concept for arranging their office space. OPEN SPACE is a large open part of office area arranged with partitions in such a way that a great number of people can work fruitfully inside of it, without disturbing each other. Mobile office partitions allow to create such comfortable workplaces that employees feel as if they worked in a separate room.

Workplaces created on the basis of mobile office partitions can be easily and quickly equipped with office furniture, hardware and accessories.

Various shelves and boxes are mounted on partition modules.

Mobile office partitions can be used for creating not only workplaces for employees, but rooms for mid-level managers, service and utility rooms.

NAYADA offers the widest range of mobile office partitions in the Ukraine market.

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