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Acoustic cabins NAYADA

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Office meeting booths are an innovative solution for organizing a comfortable and efficient working process.

They allow you to create a zone of confidential negotiations, where you can discuss important issues without extraneous noises. Such booths are made of special materials that provide high sound insulation.

Why you need acoustic booths:

Employee productivity is 15% lower due to distractions
BBC Capital
It takes about 30 minutes> to concentrate after distractions
University of California
About 50% of people can't concentrate in open office spaces because of the noise
University of Sydney
70% less communication between people in open offices
Bernstein & Turban

Acoustic booths from Nayada Glass Technology have the following features:

  • High sound insulation values - 30 - 40 dB, depending on the configuration;
  • Not high cost - from 80000 UAH;
  • Possibility to equip the cabin with a large number of additional options;
  • Possibility to fit the cabin into any interior;
  • Wear resistance of materials and fittings.

Standard dimensions of the acoustic cabin: 1050 x 1000 x 2230 mm.

Basic equipment

  • External frame - MDF 16 mm, bent-glued plywood with exterior finish with HPL Arpa 0.7 mm plastic or painting in any color according to RAL;
  • Internal frame - stiffening ribs MDF 16mm, chipboard.
  • Sound insulation - acoustic foam EchoFom Standart certified in Ukraine;
  • Wall decoration - synthetic felt, thickness 3 mm, density 450 g / m2, carpet;
  • Flooring - carpeting wear resistance class 23+.
  • Electrical unit - USB socket, 220V socket, 2-button switch;
  • Lighting - LED overhead lamp / diffuser - white matte plastic.
  • Ventilation - silent exhaust fan, air flow - 40 m3/h; .
  • Rear wall - transparent, tempered, double glass, 4-10 mm thick. The glass is installed in an aluminum profile, painted according to RAL.
  • Door in aluminum profile with double tempered glass, sealing all around. Any color according to RAL.
  • Folding console table.

Possible additional equipment:

  • Office, bar or ergonomic chair/chair
  • Smart glass - becomes opaque when a person is in the stall.
  • Motion sensor - lights and ventilation are activated only when the booth is in use.
  • Various information monitors.

You can order an acoustic booth (phone booth), specify the configuration and delivery conditions from our managers.

Производитель: NAYADA

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