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Soundproof doors NAYADA-Magic

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NAYADA-Magic Soundproof doors – these are practically magic in action. Almost imperceptible visually, they provide absolute soundproofing.

These doors were designed specifically for the proprietary NAYADA-Twin partitions, and therefore they are of the same thickness (74 mm). Hence – visual uniformity is achieved.

To enhance sound insulation, the door is equipped with:

  • double impermeable contour
  • magnetic locks, which eliminate noise during opening / closing,
  • automatically dropping threshold, which fills the space between the floor and the door when it is closed.

Dimensions of this door are greater than for standard models.

All of these functional features provide excellent sound isolation: these doors prevent the penetration of any noise into the room and ensure the confidentiality of important negotiations.

NAYADA-Magic doors deliver high reliability thanks to the hidden hinges, creating a high level of mechanical protection.

NAYADA-Magic – are silent doors with excellent sound insulation, which is achieved through effective structural construction. Moreover, they provide convenience of operation and have aesthetic appeal.

NAYADA-Magic Doors
These doors can be supplemented with glass with variable transparency — fully or partially.

Производитель: NAYADA

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