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Fire-prevention glass

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Fire-prevention partitions use multi-layer fireproof glass filled with gel.

This construction represents a so-called sandwich made of several sheets of tempered glass. Spaces between the sheets are filled with special gel, which becomes hard under the influence of high temperature and forms a thick crust preventing the penetration of heat and fire.

Fire-prevention glass
Fire-prevention glass

Fire-prevention glass
Fire-prevention glass

In case of fire such double-glass unit is ruined gradually, layer by layer. Depending on time, during which a partition should prevent the spreading of fire and heat, matt glass of various thickness is used:

The level of a double-glass unit transparency is 88-90%.

For the decoration of a fire-preventive glass different technologies can be used:

  • matting with film or sand-sprinkler;
  • chemical milling (satinato);
  • toning with film or en masse;
  • applying logos using a stencil.

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