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The classic design of the office space for a dealer of world manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

04 / 08 / 2021

NAYADA company was faced with the task of organizing a planning solution for an office located on two floors. Nayada-Crystal all-glass partitions with veneered panels perfectly supported the design concept of the company's office interior.

Nayada-Crystal  series products justified the trust of our clients and to remain true to style the new office is now equipped with all-glass partitions and doors.

Nayada-Twin partitions systems are recommended for use in interiors where high soundproofing and light transmission capacity are important due to double glazing and absence of imposts.

NAYADA Hufcor H100 transformable soundproof partitions were installed for simultaneous conducting of several events in different rooms.
NAYADA Hufcor H100 office sliding partitions are an advanced, reliable and economic solution for independent space zoning. Just 5 minutes with their help you can transform a spacious open space office into several isolated offices.
Also for the customer Nayada produced glass railings on staircases and sanitary partitions made of HPL.