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The company foundation date is an event of special importance for our workforce.

21 / 09 / 2021

NAYADA's birthday is not only an opportunity to relax and get to know your colleagues, but also a powerful tool for psychological work inside the company. Every year we organize a corporate event, dedicated to our company's birthday. Exactly this holiday contributes to greater consolidation of colleagues, disclosure of their talents and unique qualities.
The 19th anniversary of the company was no exception, and this year we plunged into the fascinating world of "Fort Boyard" quest-adventure. Project managers, accounting and production staff became one team not only during working hours, but also united to search for treasures.
A wonderful day, once again showed:
-the cohesiveness of the team;
-Gave an opportunity to distract from work and have a rest with benefit;
-to get positive and motivated for the future work;
-To form certain traditions, which will make life in the company brighter and more interesting.