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Architectural collaboration of NAYADA, Home Solutions and Mig Space for McDonalds world company.

16 / 12 / 2021
Architectural collaboration of NAYADA, Home Solutions and Mig Space companies created an incredibly stylish, ergonomic, light and creative office where one wants not only to work but also to create new projects and create their success.

The combination of bright and pastel colors gives the interior personality and emphasizes style.

McDonalds is a company that we all know from childhood. Working on this project, we have touched a long history, we have learned how everything works "from inside" and tried to make the office as comfortable and stylish as possible.

We installed several kinds of NAYADA products: Orman-Lux partitions with NAYADA-Vitero doors, NAYADA Crystal partitions, including those with curved glass, and transformable NAYADA-Hufcor partitions.

Curved walls are made on the basis of bent tempered glass. Such curved glass is assembled in separate radial sections with aluminum profile. Separate sections of the partition can be sliding and completed with matte or transparent glass in different patterns. In this way customers get a unique design of unusual shape, which will attract the attention of visitors and potential partners.

NAYADA-HUFCOR sliding partitions provide maximum effective use of your available space: conference hall can be transformed into several small soundproof lecture halls in a couple of minutes and a large hall can be divided into conference rooms. Sliding soundproof partitions are sections which slide on special roller hangers on the ceiling guides and are stored in special parkings, and there are no additional profiles or guides on the floor. When assembled, the construction is indistinguishable from the stationary walls. A great variety of materials may be applied as finishing, from simple laminated chipboards to leather, metal or glass with variable transparency NAYADA-Smartglass.

Thanks to the McDonalds company and our partners for the next interesting project in our portfolio!

A video review can be seen at the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uEXCLz4_YE